Worshiping the Pixel with Cliff Bleszinski

Even we didn’t meet, I’m more than sure that Cliff is a really good designer. Titles like Jazz Jackrabbit, Unreal or Gears of War proves it the best. But more than this, he is also pretty good influencer and salesman. Some of the game developers I know treats him as a poseur. But to be honest – he just seems to be just really passionate about what he does. And maybe this is everything about being a good designer?

I found this speech during my cardio (maybe not a useful detail, but still I own this blog;)) and thought that this is something that everyone should listen. This is a Cliff’s story about his passion for games. And want is really unique about is not only his extraordinary oral skills – in a really natural groovy way – but also pure emotions 🙂 And you know – this is really hard to do. Pure emotional intelligence and empathy mixed with creativity aren’t the most common skillset. And those 30 minutes aren’t about know-how – this is only about the most important moments in his life as a gamer and game developer.

If you would like to see, what does it mean to be passionate about games – this is the best example for you. And I you would like to know a little bit more – you should visit Boss Key Productions website.