The Game Development Method by Mark Cerny

It has just opened my eyes. Or not 🙂 When I earn a senior producer title in Vivid Games, I thought that I know how to create games. It was because of the Real Boxing (Mac/PC) development, was an excellent piece of teamwork and production work. Why? It is because we made an efficient and productive pre-production phase. When I started my journey in ATGames, I thought that I’d be able to do the same. But looking at the Puzzle Craft 2 development and Full of Stars pre-production, I failed my team in this area.

But I hope that I found the way to redeem my guilt  – I’ve shown them this –  Mark Cerny and his Method. And it was refreshing. During one hour Mark is talking about his game development approach setting proper goals and strategy for pre-production, production and gameplay testing. The core is to define what is publishable first playable for the end of the pre-production and differs macro and micro design.  What is more, he’s arguing with some common myths and mistakes made by developers:

  1. “It’s possible to plan and schedule the creation of your game.”
  2. “Working productively means not throwing out good work.”
  3. “Frequent project review is essential to good management.”
  5. “A canceled project is a sign of bad management or a bad team.”
  6. “The more defined your initial vision, the better.”
  7. “If you want to make a hit, listen to the consumer.”

And the more I’m in this business, the more I agree with Mark. Maybe it’s just a matter of experience 🙂 And now – this is my new game developer bible.