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Digital Dragons 2016 – Design Hierarchies by Chris Avellone

Being at Digital Dragons 2016 in Cracow was an interesting experience – both from the business point of view and also from the development perspective. Currently, I’m during holy crusade of looking for the best producers to learn how to work and lead game designers/game directors to know how they’re thinking about creating products and working with a team on a game vision. And I found Chris. This guy is a veteran that understand how a game production process works and how to manage a large team to achieve a high-quality goal.

Shout at the Devil: The making of Diablo III by Jay Wilson

Before I describe this talk I wanted to explain two things. First of all this post and the most of new ones will be in English. There are two simple reasons about that: I would like to go a little bit more global and I think this is understandable for you and I just want to improve my English skills – and to be honest there’s no better way than just use it 😉 The second thing is  why I’m just posting here someone’s talk. It’s because I strongly believe that this place, will become a source of knowledge for game developers and students. From the other point of view, I’m not able to produce enough articles during my common week on my own, so I’ll preparing for you the game development content that is really interesting and recommendable in my opinion.