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Producer’s Diary – The Seven Deadly Sins of Pre-Production

Today I would like to present you seven deadly sins of pre-production. And the reason for this talk is that every day of my game developer’s life, I’ve been thinking how to help my team to create something better or do something faster. But being a producer in a creative environment is pretty hard to define. In small teams, it’s even more difficult.

Digital Dragons 2016 – Design Hierarchies by Chris Avellone

Being at Digital Dragons 2016 in Cracow was an interesting experience – both from the business point of view and also from the development perspective. Currently, I’m during holy crusade of looking for the best producers to learn how to work and lead game designers/game directors to know how they’re thinking about creating products and working with a team on a game vision. And I found Chris. This guy is a veteran that understand how a game production process works and how to manage a large team to achieve a high-quality goal.